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 a weird weird dream

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PostSubject: a weird weird dream   Mon Jan 31, 2011 7:29 pm

OK so I'm having a dream where I'm watching like the worst movie ever, so there's some guy going to meet his friend at some restaurant and there were some candy machines with huge signs that say "If you don't like me then you're a troll" I'm like what? So the guy is going to see his friend who's supposed to be on a date then gives a monologue about how he's died like 6 times, and his friend's really angry about his date. At first she looks like a black woman, but really she was really an Asian woman with brown skin paint, and I was liek "WTF! you couldn't just get a black actress." So the guy is all pissed off, and then the next scene he's madly in love with her , chasing her through a parade. After that I was "No, no, I'm just gonna stop now this is too crappy, I'm done." Then I woke up, and couldn't stop laughing at how weird the dream was and my mom thought I was going crazy.
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a weird weird dream
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